Welcome to the first blog on my new website, brilliantly designed by Gingerweb

Of course my first thoughts are what do I write about and then, where do I start!!

So, as we are at the beginning of a new year and my new website is about to go live, I thought I would talk a little about how my new start, this adventure into floristry and Honeybee Floral Art, started for me back in 2012 - where has that time gone!

I think I was in my early 20's when I went to my first evening class in flower arranging – certainly not something I could see either of my two daughters currently aged 17 and 20 finding remotely interesting or 'cool' in this day and age!

I went along with my great friend Tracey to Holsworthy College and sat with many 'oldies', although probably they were about the same age as I am now and started to gain knowledge about flowers and learn about flower arranging.

From the beginning, I found it very enjoyable, relaxing and found I had a knack for picking up the skills required to produce some lovely arrangements.Although at this time in my life I never continued much further with my learning, as I was concentrating on my family, I continued to occasionally arrange flowers for friends and family and arranged my own church wedding flowers.

I then got nearer to the 'oldies' age and was lying in bed one day thinking what I could do for a new adventure/challenge! As I was lying there floristry came to mind as this was already something I knew I could do and had experience of and with my love of flowers and creating, it became a great idea.

I did a little research and found the Academy of Floral Art in Exeter suited my needs perfectly with great classes, relatively nearby location and I was able to fit the classes in with my current full time job.I was made to feel extremely welcome and had great instruction including the encouragement and knowledge to start my own business; Honeybee Floral Art was up and running!

I have been extremely lucky and have absolutely thoroughly enjoyed building Honeybee as a great hobby and business.I hope to continue building on this success and who knows where it will lead me!

If you have a special interest, hobby, wish to start your own a business or take on a new challenge, why not start now, this January 2018?!How great it is to see where a new direction in life takes you!

Go on, give it a go! Although maybe not a florist in Torrington!!! lol 


​My first wedding!

​A lovely work colleague asked me to arrange her wedding flowers held at RHS Rosemoor.

​My first funeral flowers!

​A great friend put her faith in me to arrange her Dad's funeral flowers.

​My first gift arrangement.

​A school friend saw Honeybee on Facebook and placed my first order!